Roguery In Concert

Friday 3rd May, 7.30pm  

The Roguery trio are: Dave Bartley, Shira Kammen and Jim Oakden.

Dave Bartley (Seattle) plays mandolin, guitar, cittern, and numerous other plucked string instruments. He can provide a quiet foundation, inject a fiery driving rhythm, or pull wicked licks out of thin air. His odyssey from flashy rock guitarist to classical musician to eclectic sideman to tunesmith filters through his fingers, making you wonder what he’ll do next, playing the tune, then playing around, inside, and beyond it.

Shira Kammen (Berkeley), a multi-instrumentalist (primarily violin and vielle) and vocalist, has spent most of her life exploring early and traditional music. She is one of a rare class of musicians that elevate the musicianship of those around her with her astonishing virtuosity and imagination. A favourite at dance and music camps and a member of many bands and ensembles, she is constantly performing and teaching nationally and internationally with the elite of the music world. She has appeared on 60-ish recordings in a variety of styles of music, and is considered a demi-goddess in early music circles.

Jim Oakden (Santa Cruz) started playing piano and clarinet at an early age and stumbled into early music from the classical music scene, from whence he discovered the world of traditional and ethnic music. Having diverse tastes (or a short attention span), he performs on an absurd number of instruments, from accordion to zurna (to name a few).

Together, their arrangements range from strictly traditional to soaring flights of imagination and improvisation. They have recorded 6 CDs, and have become favourites at events throughout the USA and England. The band’s varied influences include English, contra, early music, classical, Breton, Scottish, Irish, Cape Breton, Galician, French, Balkan, jazz-fusion, Greek, and a variety of song traditions.

Tickets: $25. Book online with TryBooking or at the door, if seats are available. Seats are limited, so don’t take the risk — book early and book often!

Location: The ORB (Old RSL Building), Atherton.

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