About Us

Malanda English Country Dance is a group of dancers based in Malanda, with links to a similar group in Cairns. 

We started dancing here in 2011, after Anne Archdeacon moved to Malanda.  Anne had been a Scottish Country Dance teacher in Cairns for about 25 years and holds the Scroll of Honour of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society in St Andrews.  She had become fascinated by the variety of rhythm and melody of the English dance music and with the way the dances and music fit with each other.  The dances were also less demanding on older feet and ankles!

At our regular sessions dances are taught and walked, and each dance is “called” all the way through.  Clothing is cool and comfortable and the emphasis is on enjoyment.  The etiquette is that dancers change partners every dance, so everyone gets to enjoy (or suffer) everyone else during a typical session.  A contribution of $5 per session covers the hire of the Hall and tea & biscuits after dancing.  The Hall has a lovely timber floor, comprehensive kitchen and modern bathroom facilities and is very well maintained.